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Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05

The Necessity Of Installing Lightning Arrestors In Buildings

Weather change and its impact are unpredictable. Apply innovative technology to remain safe from lightning effects, be it your residential area or a commercial set-up. Aiditec Lightning Arrestor gives you complete protection from lightning and its consequences. It prevents the buildings and construction structures from sudden fire accidents that might result from heavy lightning. It is an innovative technological idea that benefits the users in getting preventing the sudden lightning effects. Install it to get protection against lightning by contacting the best manufacturers in the city.

The Necessity Of Lightning Arrestor Installation:

Aiditec Lightning Arrestor installation is crucial in many ways. Here are some points explained to know the necessity of installing lightning arrestors. The necessary factors include

  • Installing lightning arrestors can minimize property damage
  • It is effective in preventing the electrical line damage
  • It helps in avoiding outlet surges
  • It is known for its electromagnetic interference
  • Moreover, it is easy to use

The users can consider the above-said factors to install a lightning arrestor to prevent their buildings from the massive damage and effects of lightning.

Place Your Order Online:

The digital platform made complex shopping an easy option. The users can place their order for a lightning arrestor online. It is crucial to go through the product description before placing the order. The description thoroughly explains the product and its benefits.

In addition to that, it is simple to buy online as there is the availability of flexible payment options. The user can select the best payment option that meets their convenience. The simple steps guide the users to order the product online. Once the order is placed successfully, it reaches the users' doorstep in the scheduled time with perfect packing. The technical team helps install the arrestor per the scheduled date and time.

Aiditec Lightning Arrestor

Product Description:

The product's description clearly states that it offers protection from lightning to 107 meters. It is also mentioned that it is a patented product that is 100% mechanical and requires no maintenance. The product is manufactured as per NFC 17-102 standard, which ensures the quality of the product.

The product reviews state that installing specific lightning arrestors in residential and commercial buildings is easy and safe. It safeguards the buildings from sudden lightning accidents.

Lightning effects over the buildings:

Sudden lightning can cause severe damage to buildings when there is no solution to protect them from natural disasters. Installing a lightning arrestor can divert the path of lightning and helps in preventing structures.

If the lightning arrestors are not installed in a building, then the lightning strikes the highest point of the building and tries to find a way to earth in an uncontrolled way. The lightning finds its way to passing through antennas, concrete structures, pipes and cables. The sudden flow of current is likely to cause breakages, sparks and damage to the people and the equipment present inside the specific building. You can prevent these facts by installing lightning arrestors.


Lightning arrestors are beneficial in preventing the buildings from massive damage and saving money significantly. Installing the innovative technology on the premises is a smart way of protecting the construction structures from the severe damages caused due to sudden lightning conditions.

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