Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05
Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05

Why should you choose our arrester accessories?

Shree Vasudha (gel earthing electrodes) arresters are designed and tested to be maintenance-free and have a long service life. Nonetheless, given the type of expensive equipment that an arrester protects and how costly and devastating an unplanned power outage can be, there are compelling reasons for "monitoring" the condition of arresters.

Shree Vasudha (gel earthing electrodes) has created a variety of stray wire, insulators, small U clamp, big U clamp, GI mast, anchor bolt for plate, and U anchor bolt to provide professionally engineered mounting and grounding solutions for our entire line of Lightning Arrestors and Power/LAN Suppressors.

These arrester accessories allow you to ground multiple lightning protectors and applications to a ground system. We aim to integrate our products, solutions, and expertise to make the benefits tangible for you and us. We offer intelligent and long-term protective solutions to meet your current and future needs and always try to set the bar higher than other companies.

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How are our arrester accessories different from others in the market?

When it comes to safety, we always strive to give the best-uncompromised products to our customers. This is the thing that makes us different from all other companies in this field. Let us now know more about our arrestor accessories product details:

  • Everyone has been there. Which product has the highest quality? Quality is critical for surge arrester accessories, responsible for keeping the lights on and protecting power equipment from lightning and switching surge damage. In today's global market, there are more options than ever, making determining the best option more difficult. Here we use the best quality raw materials for a sturdy and long-lasting product.
  • You pay for good lightning and switching protection when you buy an arrester. This protection is measured by discharge voltage, and the lower it is, the better. This critical parameter should always be prioritized in the selection of an arrester. Furthermore, we always maintain an audit trail to validate the published characteristics of our arrester accessories.
  • A good quality arrester accessories' resistance to moisture ingress is an important design feature. Accessories designed and manufactured without extensive testing and verification of this feature will not survive in a harsh environment. Therefore, our products always go under various trials before introducing them in the market.

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