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Earthing Electrode At Vasudha Earthing

Vasudha Earthing is a manufacturer and supplier of Earthing Electrode/Pipe and provides complete Earthing solutions. Our products are fully protective equipment for unexpected lightning thunder. Our earthing electrode products give you the best earthing solutions and prevent accidents caused by the flow of static charges and stray currents. Earthing electrodes are specially designed and installed to improve a system earthing. These earthing electrodes should ideally penetrate moisture levels below ground level to reduce resistance. They must also include metal conductors (or a combination of metal conductor types) that do not corrode excessively for the period of time they are expected to serve. Earthing electrodes include a rod or pipe driven into the ground, a metal plate or mat buried in the earth, or a ring of copper wire enclosing a structure.

Why perfect earthing is important?

A complete earthing solutions is essential and vital to the safety of human life and equipment. It has become a daily term and very common practice in electrical construction and operation. Earthing is necessary to eliminate static/dynamic discharge of electricity and to care for sensitive equipment. As a major requirement, it is the most neglected aspect in our housing, industrial and commercial power infrastructure.

The advantages of earthing

The practice of earthing is not as widespread as it should be. It has two main advantages

  1. The entire electrical system is bound by the Earth’s normal mass potential and cannot ‘swim’ at any other potential. For example, we can be fairly certain that our supply’s neutral is at or near zero volts (earth potential) and that our standard supply’s phase conductors differ by 240 volts.
  2. Connecting earth to metalwork using a protective conductor not intended to carry current (an externally conductive part or an exposed conductive part), provides a path for fault current that can be traced and if necessary, is broken.


  • Imperfect earthing will mess with people’s systems and life.
  • If the lightning protection system earth is not proper, in the event of lightning discharge, the lightning protection system will be in effect and may cause injury elsewhere in the equipment.
  • If transformer neutral is not earthed properly, an earth fault condition in the system known as “arcing ground” will occur, resulting in high voltage.
  • Regular monitoring of earth health and maintenance of earth system ensures safety. Effective earthing in a distribution system can not only be life-threatening but can also affect metering.
  • If the proper standard and effective earthing is adopted, it will minimize accidents maximize safety and reliability, and supply

Vasudha Earthing also provides chemical earthing solutions. Chemical earthing is considered to be the most effective solution for continuous and permanent earthing. They are maintenance-free and have minimum fluctuation and are eco-friendly. They are highly reliable for the protection of human life and have a greater surface area of ​​conduction.

  • Chemical Earthing – Eco-friendly chemicals are used for longer life
  • Double pipe with flat technique
  • Less area of ​​space required
  • Maintenance-free
  • No function of current and OHMIC value

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