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KALRE ESE Lightning Arrestor

An ESE lightning Arrestor with an Early Streamer Emission system has as a target anticipate it to the lightning strike, in order to protect all the rest of the area. The operating principle is the same as a simple rod, but an additional ionization system getting cover a greater protection radius. The active lightning rod creates an upward leader farther away, thanks to the extra Ionization of the ESE lightning rod, which is activated by the electromagnetic field produced by the storm. The ESE attracts the lightning to its tip, then the down-conductors conduct the current discharge to the grounding system keeping the entire installation protected. This ionization, allows to the active protection, to cover a larger protection area. With this methodology we managed to cover not only the structure but also its surroundings or open areas.

The Active Lightning Rod air terminals are an innovative development made by the KALRE PARATONER are designed and manufactured in accordance with NFC 17-202 standard.

The ESE air terminals from KALRE PARATONER (Turkey) contain an electro-pulsing generator which emits electrical impulses. In normal conditions the generator is in standby mode. When storm conditions initiate the generator gets activated and remains in precontrol state. The moment the downward leader is within the range of the device, the upward leader is formed, creating the path for the discharge. The current of the bolt passes through the outside of the metallic frame and through the gap to conduct itself towards the ground, without damaging the internal circuit.

The KALRE Active lightning rods / air terminals, unlike other ESE air terminals, are totally autonomous and do not require maintenance. In addition, due to their design, they characterize themselves by enduring extreme environmental conditions:

  • Insulation certificate in raining conditions over 95%.
  • Successfully subjected to salt spray and sulphurous humid atmosphere tests.
  • Times of advance (ΔT) in the active lightning rods vary in the different models ranging from 30µs to 60µs.

DHARKAN Enterprise

is Exclusive Authorized Partner & Sole Importer for KALRE Lighting Protection Systems in India. We at Dharkan Enterprise, believe in the concept of mutual growth. KALRE Lightning Protection Systems, having a major share and highest market coverage with a good selling capacity in India had various fake products being sold in the market. In order to address this, issue we have come up along with Platinum Partnership Program along with KALRE PARATONER.

The main aim behind this campaign is to provide authentic and original product to the end user and to avoid customer from being lured by fake & third-rate knockoff products in the market. Fake products usually are backed with cheap quality and rate which in-turn persuades the customer to prefer the cheaper products over original and authentic products. Verification of original & authentic product can be done only with the help of serial number and barcode authentication that is given on the product and can only be checked over KALRE PARATONER’s website.

As an individual, you understand how important it is to protect your property from the damage caused by lightning. If you’re ready to install lightning arresters in your home or at your commercial property, contact your nearest KALRE Platinum Partner today for a free surge arrester estimate in India.

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