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Most Economical Model of Vasudha: PRIME SERIES

India's Most Trusted Earthing Lightning Arrester Brand

VASUDHA PRIME SERIES model is designed in such a way that it is suitable to eliminate the chances of risk due to high voltage and faults which causes blowing out of fuse or failure in devices and hence it protects men, materials and devices from injury or damage. Thus it has become the most popular model of SHREE VASUDH GEL EARHTING. Pipe earthing is the best form of earthing and is very economical in cost.

In VASUDHA PRIME SERIES, earthing strip is inserted into the pipe and then the outer pipe is filled with crystalline material which keeps the pipe corrosion free for a longer time and it will also protect the inner strip. PRIME SERIES pipe is available in three type of material i.e. Galvanized Iron(GI), Pure copper and Copper Bonded. Usually Prime series pipe is available in three sizes i.e. 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter
with 50mm and 80 mm diameter.

Varieties of soil is found in different corner of India and keeping that in mind we offer VASUDHA PRIME SERIES in different length and different diameter of pipe as size of pipe is decided based on the current to be carried and the type of the soil.

In order to improve the effectiveness of soil, Back Fill Compound (BFC) is added in the earth pit. BFC is an Earth filling compound having Bentonite mineral and it is essential element, which it has a natural tendency to absorb a huge amount of water and transform itself into a thick gel when it comes in contact with water. BFC is a fine composite of non-corrosive minerals. BFC helps Earthing Electrodes and Rods to increase its surface area and to decrease the earth’s resistance, which will help to enhance the conductivity of the electrode apart from that it is also maintenance free and do not require to add water frequently.

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