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SHREE VASUDHA GEL EARTHING ELECTRODE : Marking Leadership in the Earthing Technology

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Q. Today corporates are more conscious about safety solutions, how does Shree Vasudha is countering this demand of electrical safety in India?

Electrical safety is important because hazards such as arc flash and shock can result in death if one is exposed to it. Fortunately, the likelihood of this occurring is relatively low. However, the control measures that prevent these hazards require careful management , safety measures, attention to detail and technical competence. The products we manufacture itself are safety measures to avoid future tragedies
and electrical accidents. The products itself are safety measures of renewable energy segments that ensure safe and steady working of systems and power generation. Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing’s expert engineering and customer support team works very closely with the clients, partners and dealers to determine the best solution to meet their needs, from stand-alone components to turnkey solutions.

Vasudha Gel Earthing has developed strong in-house engineering and customer support services to effectively support our customers, clients, dealers and distributors during their entire project lifecycle. All of our products and solutions are designed for easy integration or installation, low maintenance, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). From analyzing their planned applications and operating conditions to recommending the best solutions for their needs, one can count on Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing’s experts to deliver added value.

Earthing Products Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

Q. Shree Vasudha is one of growing manufacturers of earthing electrodes, please brief us more about your company & share some of the milestones of Shree Vasudha Electrodes (P) Ltd?

Being one of the fastest growing company in the earthing industry, Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing has a good network in the market throughout the country. Dharkan Group is an Indian Conglomerate having its affiliates that includes Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing Electrode and Dharkan Enterprise based at Rajkot, Gujarat -India.

Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing Electrode is a National Award winning Company. We have Technical Expertise and 14+ years of experience in power products as our core area. We are engaged in manufacturing, trading & serving of a wide range of power products for various domestic & Industrial Application.
We provide Innovative & technical Consultancy to implement power management Solution. Our product
includes Grounding solutions (Earthing), Power Surges-Transient solution, Power- Backup Solution (UPS
& Battery), monitoring and cooling solution and Lighting Protection system. We are Exclusive distributor and sole importers across India of KALRE LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS (Turkey).

Earthing Products Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter
Earthing Products Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

A few milestones that allows us to take pride are:

  • National Award Winner-2016 for Innovation & Productivity.
  • 37% market captured within a span of 2.5 years
  • 100MW+ earthing installed in solar projects
  • 500+ EPC customers
  • 50000+ household installation of earthing done in Gujarat.
  • Rich experience in the earthing industry of 15+ years, especially in the B2B Sector.
  • 2018 – Appointed as the exclusive distributor and sole importer of ESE LA by KALRE Lighting Protection Systems.
  • Promoting factor is the maintenance free earthing systems and high promoting safety standards of Lightning Protection Systems.

Q. Could you expatiate more about Shree Vasudha’s domestic & global business activities?

Shree Vasudha earthing has its reach in the market expanded in all major cities across the country. Promotion and processing of products is done through Distributors, Premium Dealers, Channel partners and system integrators. We also actively participate in exhibitions, trade fair to reach good heights in the
market. We are also working towards expanding our network globally in the near future.

Q. Can you highlight some of the top line products & its applications?

Almost all our products are selfmanufactured and are made as per the NFC standards. We adapt good
manufacturing machineries and techniques which ensure quality standards and durability of our product. Topline of products include earthing electrodes and rods in the medium of galvanized iron, pure copper, copper bonded and hot dip galvanized materials. We also offer customization facility to our clients.

Application: Industries, power plants, residencies, etc.

Q. What is Shree Vasudha’s product marketing strategy to confront the competition?

The primary focus of our marketing strategy is about providing wide range of products to help you get full and complete protection from direct and indirect lightning. Our products have their own brand value and sales record in the market because of its safety and durability. We also have an advisory feedback system that help us in improvising ourselves.

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Q. How do you account R&D activity in Shree Vasudha ?

We have our own qualified team of experts who continuously work towards implementing safer and reliable solutions for safety of the customers. Efficient manufacturing techniques and approach help us constantly improve and stay updated with the prevailing technological advancements in the earthing industry.

Q. How does Shree Vasudha assert the standard from the phase of product

manufacturing till it’s implementation, brief us about the quality policy of your company?

The accurate, real time production visibility helps us improve our product quality, order accuracy and customer satisfaction. With increasing customer trust, making on-time order shipments, earned reputation for high quality products, we are quiet supported and well maintained with our quality standards. All our products are certified by CPRI and are made as per the global and international

Q. According to you what are the factors affecting the electrical earthing business?

  • Soil condition.
  • Soil resistivity.
  • Dissolved salts in water.
  • Moisture in soil.
  • Location of earthing.
  • Physical composition.
  • Climate conditions.
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Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the electrical safety industry?

It is a constantly evolving industry with the emerging technological trends. Considering the infrastructure in India, the industry is still evolving in adapting better standard and practices. The compromise on safety standards puts men and machine both at high risk. Consumers, prefer cheaper products, leading to an environment which is prone to safety hazards.

Q. Does “India” as market has a great potential? What are the key performance areas?

India as a market definitely has great potential in the earthing industry, keeping in mind the hilly and terrain region. More population, more requirement of safety and protection from potential hazards and shock from the appliances is the key area to begin with. It is responsibility of both government and private manufactures to bring innovation to the industry. Government should promote research based
developments with the help of premier institutions to work alongside the manufacturers.

Q. What is your vision for Shree Vasudha?

Our ultimate vision is to be on the paramount of earthing sector with prime focus on delivering the best quality products to our clients. We strongly believe that good work can build long term business relation and we work really hard for it. With a knack of providing our products and good long experience, we want to be the name of everything related to earthing solutions.

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