Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05
Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05

Shree Vasudha the leading manufacturer in chemical earthing industry!

How is chemical earthing more effective than normal earthing?

We are supplier and importer &exporter of the chemical compound we have the verity of backfill compound like V-Eco, smart, extra plus, and prime. These all are best backfill compound for earthing chemical material to give best retain level of moisture.

  • In normal earthing copper plates or GI pipes are used.Whereas, in Vasudha chemical earthing highly secured earthing rods or Pro earthing pipes are available in various categories like GI, HD GI, and copper bonded, and can be selected according to earthing requirements.
  • In normal earthing, pipes and rods corrode with time and there’s high chance of power leakage through the cracks in the earthing rods or pipes. The backfill compound in Vasudha chemical earthing products is non corrosive and thus, there’s hardly any chance of power leakage.
  • The normal earthing electrode has salt and coal on top layer whereas, the top layer of chemical earthing electrode does not use salt or coal. This makes chemical earthing more effective as the chemical compound of Vasudha gel earthing helps to increase the conductivity of the soil surrounding the electrodes.
  • Normal earthing does not function efficiently in dry areas or in all types of soil, but chemical earthing works efficiently in all climatic and soil conditions.
  • Chemical earthing requires no maintenance and thus, is most preferable.

Shree Vasudha has emerged as the leading supplier of innovative and most effective solutions for affordable earthing. Our research and development team has come up with a wide range of chemical earthing solutions such as:

Chemical Earthing Compound Manufacturer & Supplier

Chemical earthing rod: these are made of Backfill chemical compound and filled with crystalline. These earthing rods are corrosion resistant and are strip-like pipes that are highly flexible and can be directly buried in the earth.

Chemical earthing pipes: our chemical earthing pipes are made of finest material that makes these pipes not only durable but also most efficient in protecting the electric appliances from sudden power surge. These pipes are easy to install, corrosion free and thus most trusted.

The Vasudha chemical earthing pipes come in various categories like HD, Prime, Pro, V-Eco and Smart. You can easily choose our most suitable chemical earthing solution as per your need by just browsing on our official website.

Vasudha gel copper earthing electrodes are extremely flexible and have longer life. They can very effectively sidetrack the excess current towards the earth and thereby provide maximum electrical safety to your family and property.

We, the leading exporter and importer of chemical earthing products, make chemical earthing solutions using finest quality backfill compound which ensures affordable protection to the electrical devices used at your home or in any manufacturing unit. This chemical compound is environmental friendly and thus causes no harm to the eco diversity of the area, supporting sustainability.

While choosing most trusted and cost effective earthing solution for the utmost security of human lives as well as the electrical devicesand machineries, select Shree Vasudha chemical earthing products.

How To Install Earthing?

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