Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05
Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05

Plastic earth pit chambers for the new generation

Plastic Earth pit Chambers are a new generation of earth pit Chambers widely accepted in almost all industries. These covers are light in weight, have a high load bearing capacity, and are easy to transport, making them the most useful product compared to cast iron or concrete type conventional pit covers Chamber.

We at Shree Vasudha use the best quality high-density polyethylene as raw material and optimum time during molding to avoid mold-related defects, increasing load capacity and life. Our Plastic Earth Pit Chamber is one of the highest selling products and has many satisfied customers because these products are made with high-quality raw materials. We manufacture pit covers with excellent durability and optimal strength to withstand significant loads.

Reasons to choose our plastic earthing Chamber:

Over the earthing top, a plastic Earthing Pit Chamber is provided to perform a health check as well as to check and record the Earthing Resistance value. Ready-made PVC earth pit Chambers were introduced to avoid masonry work on site. As one of the pioneers in the industry, we are committed to providing high-quality products at a reasonable price. Our clients can choose from a variety of Earthing Pit chambers.

These products are created with high-quality raw materials. These items are in high demand and are highly regarded for their durability, efficiency, and high quality. Poly plastic earth pit chamber is environmentally friendly, rustproof, heavy-duty, and weatherproof. Our Plastic Earthing Pit Chambers are constructed of high-density polypropylene. It has a conical shape and a smaller diameter at the top than at the bottom. This unusual shape has the added benefit of being tightly caught by the surrounding soil and not easily extracted when pulled.

Features of our plastic earthing Chamber:
  • Simple to set up
  • Environmentally friendly and rust-free
  • Colour and UV resistance
  • Unaffected, easy transportation
Types of plastic earthing Chamber that we provide:

We here at Shree Vasudha manufacture two types of plastic earth pit covers.

  • Small Earth Pit Chamber –

Dimensions: 6 inches at the top, 8.38 inches at the bottom, and 9.05 inches in height.

  • Medium Size earth pit chamber-

Dimensions are 10 inches at the top, 13.70 inches at the bottom, and 10.24 inches in height.

For more information, you can check our “Shree Vasudha gel earthing electrode” website or buy some flawless earthing chamber designs.

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