Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05
Dharkan House, Opp. Tagore School, New balmukund society main road, Off Sadhuvasvani Road, Rajkot-05

Vasudha V-ECO Series Earthing Pipe

Choose V-ECO GI earthing for the safest house and business

We are the country’s leading professional manufacturer of chemical GI earthing system who designs the most trusted earthing products to provide utmost protection to our clients. The VECO GI earthing electrode is extensively used to prevent accidents caused by sudden surge of fault current flow in an area with residential building, industrial regions, lofty telecom towers or microwave antennas. Areas where soil resistivity is very high Galvanized Iron Earthing Electrode acts most effectively by enhancing the resistance of the soil. The GI earthing electrode successfully dissipates the huge excess energy produced due to hazardous fault currents. This type of chemical earthing works most efficiently even in rocky and arid soil of deserts and mountain regions.

Why GI pipe is used in earthing?

Galvanized Iron V-ECO pipe earthing is most suitable for house and factory wiring. The length and breadth of the GI pipe used as earthing electrode, varies depending upon the soil type and quantity of excess fault current.

Our specially designed V-ECO GI earthing pipes ensure highest safety of our clients. These chemical earthing electrodes come in all different sizes. The length may vary from 2meter to 3 meter.

  • GI earthing electrode V-ECO offers safest fault current dissipation to earth to protect you, your people and property from current jolts caused by electrical faults or lightning.
  • The GI pipe earthing electrode is made with a zinc coating and is thus totally corrosion resistant.
  • GI electrode of V-ECO earthing system is extremely durable.
  • It is capable of absorbing as well as retaining very high level of moisture for a long period of time
  • It works with same efficiency in all types of soil
  • The chemical earthing electrode made of GI pipes need no maintenance
  • Vasudha GI earthing electrode installation is done by a team of trained experts.
  • The cost of GI earthing is way cheaper than the copper earthing electrodes.

Chemical earthing over traditional earthing

Vasudha gel earthing solutions have become the first choice of  top ranking corporates as well as of most households. The chemical earthing has outnumbered the conventional earthing in many ways:

  • Chemical earthing process successfully decreases the soil resistivity
  • Chemical earthing is effective in both domestic and commercial set ups.
  • It offers consistent earthing protection in all seasons.
  • Chemical earthing electrode’s product life is much more than conventional earthing
  • Chemical earthing involves backfill compound instead of salt and coal which ensures better performance and durability of the earthing electrode
  • It is most suitable for earthing of buildings in dry and rocky mountains or deserts.
  • Chemical earthing electrode does not need regular watering, and thus, has no maintenance requirement
  • It provides steady earth resistance value
  • It does not corrode and thus, has no chance of current leakage
VECO 19/1 1000 46 - 48 25X8 12
VECO 19/2 2000 46 - 48 25X8 12
VECO 19/3 3000 46 - 48 25X8 12
VECO 39/2 2000 76 - 78 63x6 14
VECO 39/3 3000 76 - 78 63x6 14

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